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Janine Davenport

Process Improvement OKC

Janine Davenport (AKA the File Queen) is a tenacious and detailed organizer of information. Quickly grasping the big-picture view of complex processes, she is able to pinpoint areas for practical improvement. Never afraid to ask the "dumb" question, Janine is able to help move obstacles and forge paths where none seemed to be possible. Janine has practical experience in a vast array of business environments including; construction management, healthcare, information technology management, commercial and personal insurance, retail sales and supply chain logistics. Her passion to truly help in any circumstance makes her a great adviser and she will quickly become a part of your winning team.

Jesse Spencer


Jesse Spencer is a unique problem solver who can recognize a problem or obstacle from a significant distance. He is a scholar of what makes business productive and successful and is always trying to analyze what to do next to take everything to a higher level. A contemplative thinker, he is not afraid to shake up the status quo to help others see that there is more than one road to travel on. Jesse's information technology background as a sales engineer explains why he loves to gather and analyze data, look at it from multiple perspectives, research all the possibilities, collaborate on the solutions that meet all of the criteria and then thoroughly implement the final solution.  He is a poor salesman because his client's success is what drives his personal feeling of accomplishment - not the next sale.