Access Deluge Scripting in Zoho Creator 5

 In a determined effort to keep up with the times, I always upgrade to the newest and greatest sooner than later. I recently upgraded to Zoho Creator 5. I navigated my reports and poked around at the new layouts with ease. However, when I logged in to make a quick change to a scripted email template, my Zoho world got real frustrating. I discovered that I had no clue where to access Deluge Scripting – my precious scripting! I couldn’t find it anywhere because everything looked different.

I looked in the Help and Migration guides and they were of no use. Maybe my frustration was getting the better of me, but I couldn’t even remember the name of the link that I always used to get to “the scripting area.” I knew I could get there if I just downgraded, but that wouldn’t teach me anything.

I went back through the help guides to look at screenshots. I discovered that my previous workflow was to open my form, click the appropriate field and look for the link called Configure Field Actions in the Field Properties tab. Configure Field Actions… I never would have been able to remember that.

Searching Creator Help eventually brought me to the realization that I’ve got to think more like I’m working in Zoho CRM. Instead of thinking about Deluge Scripting, I need to think in terms of what I’m trying to accomplish with the scripting. For the most part, my scripting is all about workflows – what I do with the data I collect. And there you have it! The secret to unlocking Deluge Scripting in Zoho Creator 5 is – you guessed it – Workflows.

There are 5 steps to follow to access Deluge Scripting (Workflows) in Zoho Creator 5:

Step 1: Open the Form you need to work on by clicking it

Access Zoho Creator Form

Step 2: Click Edit this application on the upper right-hand portion of the window

Edit Application in Zoho Creator

Step 3: Click Workflow

Workflow Zoho Creator 5

Step 4: Find the Form you need to work on by scrolling down the page or use the Search for Workflows, Forms or Actions search box

Step 5: The scripting you need to adjust is probably contained in the Create record scripts or Field scripts area; click on either area, hover over the Deluge script option and then click the edit icon

Access Deluge Scripting Zoho Creator 5
Access Deluge Scripting in Zoho Creator 5