May 21, 2018

Access Deluge Scripting in Zoho Creator 5

 In a determined effort to keep up with the times, I always upgrade to the newest and greatest sooner than later. I recently upgraded to Zoho Creator 5. I navigated my reports and poked
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Work Processes
February 23, 2018

Training and Procedure Documentation Part 1

How to get started on your documentation project. Why Produce Documentation? Training and procedure documentation is created for many reasons. Can you relate to any of the following? One
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Learning Management and Employee Training Help
February 16, 2018

How to Supercharge Employee Training Through a Learning Management System

Does the idea of training employees seem like a real headache? • Are you concerned about the amount of time you spend on internal training? • Can you track the quality of
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December 19, 2017

Situational Leadership

One of the best and most concise models I’ve ever studied on leadership is the Situational Leadership® model. If you’ve heard of Situational Leadership, then you probably know there are actually two models; SL and SLII. Obviously “SL” refers to the first model and “SLII” refers to a more recently
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December 13, 2017

The Value of Creating Your Own “Secret Club” Language

One of the signs of a great relationship – or at least a long one – is the amount of information that can be transferred in just a few words. If I were to spend time with a specific pair of high school friends, I could simply say “Remember that
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November 29, 2017

1st Quarter GrowthCLUB 2018

1st Quarter GrowthCLUB 2018 by Rob Gariby: Strategy and Annual Plan Do you have clear strategies in place to achieve those goals for 2018? Make 2018 a
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November 16, 2017

Are You Sales-People Centric or Sales-Process Centric?

Sales is the lifeblood of any profitable organization (duh!). Great salespeople make great money (again, duh!). Great sales processes generate even more money. If your organization operates through sales people rather than sales
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October 16, 2017

Lack of Instructions or… We [don’t really] Care

I think by now we’re all aware of credit card skimming. We’ve heard countless news stories about how our credit cards can be skimmed by anyone who gets their hands on our card and even at gas pumps. Some fuel stations have caught on and made an effort to increase
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October 10, 2017

TP Link Mobile Hotspot to Wired LAN Connection

Ever have that rare moment when you wish you could connect a hard-wired LAN port to your phone’s mobile hotspot? I mainly use a laptop when I’m out
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October 5, 2017

Great Customer Service – OK Runner

I guess if all stores and vendors backed up their marketing propaganda with actual results, we’d be less impressed with the ones that do! I was recently helping a friend of mine find a pair shoes that really fit well – shoes that she would wear often and that would
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