September 28, 2017

Creating a Role or Task Based Training Manual

Have you started creating a training manual and gotten in over your head? Or is your training manual project taking FOREVER to complete? You aren’t alone. Creating intelligent and useful documentation is definitely a daunting task. If not organized properly from the beginning, your materials will likely take
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August 8, 2017

Quickly Scan QR Codes with Your iPhone

I realize that we haven’t adopted the use of QR codes here in the States like some countries have, but I find myself using them more and more. I have discovered a really easy way to scan QR codes with my iPhone without having to install another app. This isn’t
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August 2, 2017

The Analog System for the Digital Age (Plus, a Hack I Guarantee You’ve Never Heard of)

I like to take hand written notes. Taking notes is great – it keeps me awake during boring meetings (no, never in a meeting with you!), helps me remember things that I think I’ll never forget and I just love being able to flip through and find obscure things that
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bullet journal qr code
July 26, 2017

Bullet Journal Meets QR Codes

I’m a huge fan of all things practical. I also love customizing everything I get my hands on. So, I suppose it is only natural that I just had to take my paper journal just a step further. But I wasn’t just geeking out. I had some problems to solve!
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