Great Customer Service – OK Runner

I guess if all stores and vendors backed up their marketing propaganda with actual results, we’d be less impressed with the ones that do! I was recently helping a friend of mine find a pair shoes that really fit well – shoes that she would wear often and that would make her life better. We found some to “settle with” at Kohl’s, but they weren’t 100%. I looked up running stores to see if there was some kind of custom shoe shop that could get an exact amazing perfect fit. I came across this on OK Runner’s site:

One of our missions is to provide all guests with a warm, friendly attitude. We provide each guest with a foot assessment, gait analysis and evaluation to ensure him/her a proper fit.

Well, we decided to give their Edmond location a shot. We arrived one hour before closing and were greeted immediately. The gentleman that took care of us was personable, patient and actually did what their website said they would do. He made a very accurate and professional foot assessment and gait analysis. His observations were confirmed by my friend and we were sold on his ability to provide proper footwear. He quickly boiled my friend’s needs down to a few pairs of shoes, educated us on what he was thinking and after trying on a few pairs of shoes, we were sold!

And guess what? If you were the one calling while he was taking care of us, sorry – he didn’t have time for you and instead spent 100% of his time with us and got the sale.

OK Runner is a store that everyone should go to for both running and walking shoes. Why pay slightly less for a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit your foot and gait properly? Go for the best fit and your body will thank you every day.

Here’s a 360° shot of the store: