Lack of Instructions or… We [don’t really] Care

I think by now we’re all aware of credit card skimming. We’ve heard countless news stories about how our credit cards can be skimmed by anyone who gets their hands on our card and even at gas pumps. Some fuel stations have caught on and made an effort to increase their customers’ peace of mind.

Have you seen the little security labels that are appearing on the pumps these days? They’re intended to reveal the word “void” or some such thing if the label is peeled off. And why would a skimmer need to peel the label? The label is intended to cover both sides of the pump’s access panel. To open the panel, one must remove or break the sticker. Seems like a step in the right direction. I’d scrutinize a pump that had a voided security sticker.

Here’s what those stickers look like:

I ran across this today while I was fueling my car:

Notice the stickers – (two of them for extra peace of mind??) are simply adhered to the flat panels of the pump. They are doing nothing. Is the gas station trying to save money by only having to purchase a single set of these stickers ever?

Note here there are no stickers where they’re supposed to be:

The company who makes these stickers is TydenBrooks. I went to their website to see if they include any installation documentation along with their security stickers. I thought “hey, maybe they’re pushing a product without adequate documentation.” But why sell something if you can’t easily explain how to use it? Their website does include pictures of the security labels in use on gas pumps – clearly positioned across the access door panel.

There is no excuse for missing these kinds of details other than poor communication and lack of documentation. I’m sure this fuel station is part of a larger chain and I’m sure they invested some amount of money in product and time to get these stickers out to all the fuel stations and onto the pumps. 100% of that money was wasted. Consumers like me have to wonder what else they’ve screwed up on and whether I should find another fuel station.

Getting these kinds of details right is truly not that difficult. Decision makers and managers need to pay better attention and plan to get projects done correctly. The better your implementation is, the better your bottom line. Guaranteed!