Are You Sales-People Centric or Sales-Process Centric?

Sales is the lifeblood of any profitable organization (duh!). Great salespeople make great money (again, duh!). Great sales processes generate even more money. If your organization operates through sales people rather than sales process, your organization is missing out on big money. Keep reading and I’ll prove it.


People-Centric vs Process-Centric Sales Process

Think you’re running a well oiled sales process? Here’s a quick test to see if that’s true:

Take all your sales people and line them up in a row. Terminate every other sales person without regard to how much revenue they generate or how long they have been with your company. You now have half your sales force remaining. Oh, and your sales manager just quit as well.

  • How quickly can you get your sales team back up and running?
  • How much recurring revenue will you lose?
  • Will your sales pipeline be dramatically affected? If so, for how long and what areas of the funnel will suffer the most?
  • What information regarding current deals and prospects will you lose?
  • If all the sales people you lost went to your competition, how would that affect your future business?

Did the above exercise scare you? Losing half your sales force is obviously an extreme example, but the mental exercise should reveal any weakness in your sales process. If your answers to the questions were not what you’d like them to be, your sales efforts are most likely based too much on sales people rather than sales process.

Sales process is the answer to any less than ideal responses to the questions above.

Contact Administrative Control Solutions for a detailed sales process analysis. Let us help you build a sales machine and help your organization become less sales people dependent and more sales process oriented.