TP Link Mobile Hotspot to Wired LAN Connection

Ever have that rare moment when you wish you could connect a hard-wired LAN port to your phone’s mobile hotspot?

I mainly use a laptop when I’m out and about or with a client, so if I need Internet, I just fire up my hotspot. There are the rare occasions, however when I wish I could connect a hard wired machine to my hotspot. Today, for example! I was working at a client’s office and the internet to the building went down. This client works entirely from the cloud (thanks to their forward thinking attitude and a little help from G Suite!) and I didn’t want to fire up my laptop. Plus, I was interested in providing continued productivity to more users than just myself.

So, I reached for one of my TP-LINK routers and quickly made just a few configurations. Moments later I had a fully functional hotspot-to-wired-LAN connection that I could use on my machine only or simply plug into our SOHO switch here at the office. Granted, the huge warning here is that a large amount of mobile data will be consumed, but a loss in productivity would cost much more than a handful of gigs of data.

Here’s what I used:

You’ll need two wireless devices to make this work. One will be used to provide the hotspot and the other to access the router’s settings.

  1. Activate your hotspot and note the wifi network’s name and password
  2. Connect to the TP-LINK router
  3. Access the TP-LINK router’s configuration page
  4. Select Quick Setup from the TP-LINK router’s menu
  5. Choose Client as the Operating Mode
  6. Choose your hotspot from the AP list
  7. Reboot
  8. Plug in LAN


You now have a backup hotspot-to-wired-LAN connection which will be good for a few users’ Internet access. You’ll obviously lose printing and access to any shared resources, but for Internet-only shops this is a great emergency backup. Oh, and by the way Google Cloud Print for non-network printers works great! You don’t HAVE to lose printing when you drop your main router.

In case you’re wondering, I put instructions for operating the TP-LINK on the back of the router via QR code. This works great because it can teach another person how to set the connection up and its a great reminder to me! I also don’t want the instructions visible to anyone outside of our G Suite domain, so the instructions require a log in.

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